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Do you feel called to serve the Lord? 

Whatever talent or gift the Lord has blessed you with, Calvary Chapel Of The Coastlands has many opportunities just for you. Why not allow the Lord to use your gifts? Now is the time—get involved today! Pray about where the Lord would have you use the talents that He has given to you. 


Many servant opportunities are available in the following Ministries:
Greeters and Ushers, Parking Lot and Security, New Believers Followup, Missions, Outreach, College and Young Adult-Henosis, Nursery and Mom's Room, Sound, CGI, Video, Worship Team, Hospitality, Meals Ministry, Coffee Shop, Cleaning Ministry, Children’s Church, Jr. and High School Church, Radio Station, Website, IT, Facebook, Bookstore, Hospital Visitation, Facilities Projects, Grounds and Landscaping, Men's and Women's Ministry, Prodigals, Special Events, Couples Ministry,  Koinonia Facilatators and Hosts, Prayer Team, and Info Booth. 


Where can you be a blessing?  Read this and Fill out Sign Up by Clicking Blue Bar Below

Review the list of Current Ministries and Overseers on the list below. Volunteer for any that you want to even if there is  a current overseer. Some overseers  may have been in that position for awhile and may feel called to another ministry. Many positions could use  more than one overseer and help is always appreciated. Some positions may be filled by that person because no one else volunteered and that is the case with any overseer names in parentheses. If you are unsure where your talents fit best just fill out a generalized volunteer form available below and at the info booth and you will be contacted to discuss a good fit.


NOTE: (Names in Parenthesis) are filling in until someone volunteers to oversee that ministry. 
Feel free to volunteer for any ministry you see as help is always appreciated. Thank you!

 Bookstore  Elvira M.
 Coffee Shop  (Fab M.,  Kate K.)
 Children's Church  Noreen C., Maria H.
 CGI  Kate K.
 Koinonia Home Groups  Fab M., Elvira M.
 Security/Parking Lot  Mike C.
 Ushers/Greeters  Ruben N.
 Radio  Esther H.
 Nursery/Mom's Room  Adora C.
 Sound  Kathy M.
 Video  Desiree Y., Beau Y.
 Hospitality  Elvira M.
 Helping Hands Meals Ministry  Elvira M.
 Prodigal's  Rose Marie S., Schuyler S.
 Middle School  Donald R., Tish R.
 High School  Rene H., Patricia H.
 Henosis Young Adults  Matt W.
 Couple's Ministry  Grant H., Maria H.
 Men's Ministry  Fab M., Rodney M., Eric
 Women's Ministry  Noreen C., Elvira M., Maria H.
 Prayer/Prayer Chain  Rose Marie S., Patti D,
 Cleaning  Ron N.
 Special Events  Elvira M.
 Facilities/Maintenance  Fab M.
 Info Booth, Sign-up,Follow-up  Rose Marie S., Schuyler S.
 Grounds/Landscape  Kate K., Mark Y.
 Missions  Rachel B., JP B.
 Media-Website/Facebook  Rodney M., Nathan M., Robert A.
 Outreach/Street Witnessing  (NO LEADER AT THIS TIME)


Matthew 25:24-28  
Servants are needed in ALL Ministries of our fellowship: Children's Church, Ushers, Sound, CGI, Cleaning, Meals, etc.  
Please pray about where the Lord would have you use the talents that He has given you. Visit our website (or stop by the Info Booth), see what’s happening in many of our ministries, then sign up to serve via the online forms within each ministry. If you are unsure where your talents fit best, a generalized volunteer form is available at the Info Booth and online; we will contact you to discuss a good fit. Click the link below to get Plugged In!