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Sun, Aug 09, 2020
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1 hr 2 mins 24 secs
Pastor Rod teaches about the woman on the beast. He gives descriptions about who she is and who the beast is. And that may we remember who we are, Children of the Living God. We invite you to come and grow in wisdom, to prepare for such a time. We know our Lord Jesus lives in us, v. 14b "he is the Lord of lords and King of kings-and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers."
Tue, Aug 04, 2020
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1 hr 4 mins 53 secs
Pastor Rod teaches in Nehemiah 3. In this chapter we see the children of Israel begin to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the gates. In this we see how the children of Israel work together as different people work on different parts of the wall and on different gates. We also see that the names of the gates have unique names that can be an illustration of our walk with the Lord.
Sun, Aug 02, 2020
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57 mins 31 secs
After a recap of all we've seen occurring in Revelation Chapters 1-15, Pastor Rod explains in detail from Revelation 16 the last set of 7 Judgments poured out upon the earth. These are known as the 7 Bowl Judgments. The take away... Are you at peace? The only way to have true peace is when your peace lies beyond the things of this earth and in eternity?
Wed, Jul 29, 2020
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57 mins 40 secs
In this study, we learn about Nehemiah's service to the Lord. We as believers can learn a lot from Nehemiah and his faithfulness and calling to the Lord. As believers we should always remain faithful, humble and obedient to the Lord and where He has us. Do everything unto the Lord and not unto man.
Sun, Jul 26, 2020
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51 mins 24 secs
In this study, we learn about God's final judgment (righteous judgment) being ready to wrap up. In this chapter we see that there's hope for all that do not become conformed to this world or bow down to the beast. There's hope for all believers who put their faith and trust in Jesus.
Wed, Jul 22, 2020
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53 mins 33 secs
Pastor Rod teaches about Nehemiah's prayer. We see how Nehemiah prays humbly for God's people and for himself. He prays God's Promises because He knows God through His Word. And it's the best place to be, at God's Feet, praying His Will. May we be willing, just as Nehemiah, to be used for God's Glory.
Sun, Jul 19, 2020
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58 mins 54 secs
Pastor Rod teaches from Revelation 14:14-20 about the harvest at the end of the tribulation period. May we remember God's grace and patience. We know that His timing is perfect and so we pray that we will be profitable to the Lord. We don't have to wait, for we have His Hope Today. We also pray that you will continue to join us online or visit us in person at Calvary Chapel Coastlands.
Wed, Jul 15, 2020
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53 mins 1 sec
Pastor Rod teaches in Ezra 10, where we see the people of Israel repent from marrying pagan wives. Some of the men who committed this sin were the high priest's sons. Cleansing starts in the church, and if we want to be cleansed, we must confess and repent, do God's will, and separate yourself from the things of this world.
Sun, Jul 12, 2020
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58 mins 3 secs
Pastor Rod teaches from Revelation 14:6-13 about four important messages that help us understand our Heavenly Father. The messages help us to see what is to come during the Tribulation period and God's promises; they also challenge us with a reality check. We ask ourselves, "Where is our focus?". We pray that you may move forward with this understanding and that we may glorify God, especially in this time.
Wed, Jul 08, 2020
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58 mins 52 secs
Pastor Rod teaches from Ezra Chapter 9 about the importance of God's Word. God's Truth gives us exactly what we need, for our good. We learn how Ezra prays for the people, he shows them how to repent, how to recognize guilt, and how to pour out our heart to Our Lord. Our prayer is that we should remember why we live like we are living.