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Sun, Apr 15, 2018
Hits: 161
45 mins 44 secs
This week pastor Rod talks about Jesus ascending to heaven and the upper room prayer meeting.
Tags: Acts
Wed, Apr 11, 2018
Hits: 69
1 hr 8 mins 53 secs
This week pastor Rod talks about 2nd Samuel chapter: 3 and about David, Abner, and Joab.
Sun, Apr 08, 2018
Hits: 68
1 hr 3 mins 22 secs
This week pastor Rod starts reading from the book of Acts.
Tags: Acts
Wed, Apr 04, 2018
Hits: 56
51 mins 9 secs
This week pastor Rod talks about the israelites fighting with one another.
Sun, Apr 01, 2018
Hits: 89
50 mins 50 secs
6 Reasons to prove he has risen: 1. Over 2,500 Old Testament prophesies fulfilled by Jesus. 2. Jesus predicted his death, how he would die, and his resurrection. 3. The empty tomb proved he was resurrected. 4. Many people saw Jesus after his resurrection. 5. The lives of the Disciples were changed by his resurrection. 6. The power of changed lives TODAY testifies to his resurrection. You can reject the resurrection, but you cannot deny it!
Tags: easter
Sun, Mar 11, 2018
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58 mins 10 secs
This week pastor Rod talks about the new millennium in the book of revelation.
Wed, Mar 07, 2018
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52 mins 25 secs
Continuing in 2nd Samuel, after learning of Saul and his son's deaths, David laments and fasts over these warriors of Israel.
Sun, Mar 04, 2018
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51 mins 40 secs
Pastor Rod taught through multiple points and verses in a study titled "The Rapture of the Church".
Tags: Rapture
Wed, Feb 28, 2018
Hits: 67
58 mins 2 secs
This week pastor Rod talks about the Tragic End of Saul and his Sons.
Sun, Feb 25, 2018
Hits: 66
45 mins 11 secs
Pastor Rod teaches through the book of Ephesians 1:7-10 with message titled "Dispensations".