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Rod Carver

Rod Carver

Role: Senior Pastor
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Sun, Oct 27, 2019
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56 mins 51 secs
Pastor Rod teaches in Revelation 2:8-11, where we see the letter from Jesus to the church in Smyrna. The church in Smyrna were going through tribulation, and they were poor in this world, but the Lord encouraged them and told them that they are rich and if they remain faithful to Him they would receive the crown of life. Trials and tribulations often draw us closer to the Lord as we rely on Him more. Through out church history you can see that poverty plus persecution often resulted in a powerful church, as the church relied on the Lord. If you're going through a trail, remain faithful to the Lord, and allow Him to work through you in it, and you will be rewarded in heaven and in knowing the Lord in a deeper way.
Wed, Oct 23, 2019
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56 mins 41 secs
Pastor Rod teaches in 2 Kings 8. (Our apologies, but video is not available and the end of the closing prayer did not fully record.)
Sun, Oct 20, 2019
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55 mins 14 secs
Pastor Rod teaches in Revelation Chapter 2 about the church in Ephesus. Church was established by Paul. Church filled with good works, not put up with overt sin, performed doctrinal tests and persevered. V. 4 "Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love."
Sun, Oct 13, 2019
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50 mins 54 secs
In this second half of Revelation Chapter 1 we see that John had been exiled to the island of Patmos for his testimony of Jesus. We as believers picture Jesus in an earthly sense but God wants us to view Him as He is. We see that John describes Jesus in His true form and godliness. Despite how much we suffer or the trials, Jesus asks His followers to abide in the truth of His Word and seek to see Him as He is and rejoice in knowing that we will see Him and be with Him forever.
Tue, Oct 08, 2019
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51 mins 40 secs
Pastor Rod teaches in 2 Kings 7, where we see God provide food for the people of Israel during a famine. In this story we see the importance of sharing the glories of the Lord, sharing good news, and believing that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think.
Sun, Oct 06, 2019
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1 hr 12 mins 9 secs
Pastor Rod teaches about the revealing of Jesus Christ. Praise God that we are His servants and are able to read, to hear, to keep and obey His Word. Why does the Lord make it seem like He will come any day? Blessed is the man who expects the coming of His King. I pray that we would be ready and waiting for His return.
Wed, Oct 02, 2019
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58 mins 27 secs
Pastor Rod teaches us about the miracles God performed through the Prophet Elisha and how these events relate to our walk with Christ.
Sun, Sep 29, 2019
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58 mins 11 secs
Pastor Rod teaches about true humility and repentance. Our Lord Jesus teaches us in scripture on how to be humble. John 13:1-5 Biblical humility frees us. Let us learn from Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. John 14:6 Repentance is the best way to humility. If we need help on how to repent, we can always come to Jesus and pray. Pray the beatitudes. Matthew 5.
Wed, Sep 25, 2019
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49 mins 9 secs
Pastor Rod teaches in the 5th chapter of 2 Kings where we see the development of a man named Naaman that was viewed as a good man and a man who feared God. But the pride of Naaman is what held him back from being healed from his leprosy. As believers we must not let our pride get in the way of humbling ourselves before God. Godliness with contentment is gain.
Sun, Sep 22, 2019
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54 mins 38 secs
(Our apologies, roughly the first minute of audio and video did not record.) Paul arrives in Rome and is greeted by other believers that reside there in Rome. He is also confronted by Jews also there in Rome, some are persuaded and receptive to the message of the gospel but some are not so receptive. Paul's message despite his many trials that he faced, taught us that Jesus is all that we need and to hear his voice in the midst of the storms that we are in.