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Wed, Jun 10, 2015
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1 hr 16 mins 59 secs
Pastor Rod discusses: forgiveness, generosity, bondservants, and giving our best in serving Christ.
Sun, Jun 07, 2015
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1 hr 9 mins 59 secs
Message begins at 16:39. Pastor Jim discusses the meaning of: conviction, gospel, confession, repentance, redeemed, justified, sanctified, glorified.
Wed, Jun 03, 2015
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1 hr 3 mins 36 secs
Message begins at 15:49. Pastor Rod discusses: the hope of God's people, kosherness, history, rules, differences between men and women, being separate from the world, giving, keeping your eyes on Christ, and being consumers or being consumed.
Sun, May 31, 2015
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1 hr 22 mins 11 secs
Message starts at 19:50. Pastor Rod discusses: the Colossian church, religious hoops, all that points to Jesus, the shadow and the substance, righteousness, daily devotions, rules versus love, and knowing Christ.
Sun, May 24, 2015
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1 hr 26 mins 37 secs
Message begins at 27:25. Pastor Rod discusses: the battle for the mind, the simple gospel, our purpose, the powers that Christ humiliated, the nature of God versus the nature of the enemy, the nature of pride, self-esteem/how God sees us, lies that the world believes, and our sure victory in Christ.
Wed, May 20, 2015
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1 hr 25 mins 25 secs
Message begins at 13:00. Pastor Rod discusses: authority, false signs, false faith, false teaching, knowing God personally, the purpose of God's tests, signs of success, how seriously God takes false teaching, the fundamental relationships, discernment/gossip, my brother's keeper, and following Jesus no matter what.
Sun, May 17, 2015
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1 hr 25 mins 28 secs
Message begins at 19:48. Pastor Rod discusses: worldly philosophy versus the word of God, the power of forgiveness to change lives, the word of God as a foundation, God as our teacher, completed in Christ, principalities, the human need for a relationship with God, our role as God's children, the one sacrament, religious distraction from the finished work of Jesus, and sinlessness for the asking.
Wed, May 13, 2015
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1 hr 3 mins 56 secs
Message begins at 16:05. The sounds quality is a little messed up for the first song, but the issue was quickly resolved. Pastor Rod discusses: the power and purpose of music, worshiping the creator, "worshiping" God your own way, centered in God's word, the gospel, rejoicing in the Lord, testing the Lord in giving, compromise, family, coming to church for the right reasons, being a simple believer in Christ.
Sun, May 10, 2015
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3 mins 56 secs
Communion at 09:46. Message begins at 34:44. Pastor Rod discusses: the knowledge of the truth, steadfastness, the deepness of the simple gospel, John 15: abide, foundations in life's storms, thankfulness, philosophies that distort the simple truth, and standing in God's truth.
Wed, May 06, 2015
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1 hr 3 mins 56 secs
Message begins at 16:22. Pastor Rod discusses: Grace and obedience, God's perfect plan, ministering to others, faithfulness and blessing, God builds the house, treasuring God's word, eternal significance, no middle ground, and great joy in fellowship with Jesus.