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Sun, Dec 01, 2019
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(Our apologies, the beginning of the video and audio did not record.) In this study of Revelation, Pastor Rod teaches us about the church of Sardis that John had wrote to on behalf of Jesus. This church was full of rebuke from the Lord because of their comfort, softness, and pleasure worship. They thought that they were saved and protected but were actually spiritually dead. As believers in Christ we must be watchful standing firm in our faith everyday so that we do not stumble or become complacent in our walk with God.
Sun, Nov 24, 2019
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Pastor Rene breaks down the details of Psalm 23 and points out that God is good and He is good all the time!
Wed, Nov 20, 2019
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Pastor Rod teaches in 2 Kings 12. In this story we see the importance of being able to walk with the Lord on our own, to invest in our spiritual life, and the importance of not compromising. We must not let our walk with the Lord stand or depend on someone else, or else it will fall apart when that person is no longer here. Spend time in the presence of the Lord, allowing Him to speak to you personally and transform you, and strengthen you.
Sun, Nov 17, 2019
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In this teaching, Pastor Fab teaches us in the book of James about living out our faith. We as saved and redeemed Christians should continuously be walking in faith and letting it be evident. We must not rely on our works of good deeds that we do here on earth as our means of salvation. Jesus is our way to salvation, to freedom and to the Father, we must hold onto Jesus for dear life.
Wed, Nov 13, 2019
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Pastor Rod teaches in 2 Kings 11 about how God always keeps His Plan. Although Athaliah "proceeded to destroy the whole royal family" (v.1b), God surprises. Joash was hidden and protected by by Jehoiada the priest. God provided the right people around Joash as his reign began at the age of 7. God did not leave Joash and He will not leave us. Are we ready to surrender? Are we serious about committing to God? Or still thrashing around?
Wed, Nov 06, 2019
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(Our apologies, audio download is not available.) Pastor Rod teaches in 2 Kings 10. In this chapter we see Jehu killing the descendants of Ahab and the worshipers of Baal, fulfilling Elijah's prophecy. The judgment came upon the family of Ahab for their wickedness. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Follow the Lord and leave a Godly legacy.
Sun, Nov 03, 2019
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In this study, Pastor Rod teaches in the book of Revelation on the church of Pergamun and what Jesus had to say about them. Although they were strong in their faith and did not deny Christ, despite the many trials and persecutions, they still held the practices of Balaam, sacrifices to idols, and practices of sexual immorality, which led to many compromises in their walk with Jesus. As believers we aren't perfect, but allowing God through His word to correct our errors, show us the blind spots in our walk, and lead us into repentance is essential to our growth as Christians.
Wed, Oct 30, 2019
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Pastor Rod teaches in 2 Kings. In this story, we see the death of Jezebel, which was a fulfillment of Elijah's prophecy. Before Jezebel was put to death, she put makeup on. She wanted to look good on the outside, but inside she was wicked. Let us not be focused only on our outward appearance. Let us focus more on our inner character.
Sun, Oct 27, 2019
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Pastor Rod teaches in Revelation 2:8-11, where we see the letter from Jesus to the church in Smyrna. The church in Smyrna were going through tribulation, and they were poor in this world, but the Lord encouraged them and told them that they are rich and if they remain faithful to Him they would receive the crown of life. Trials and tribulations often draw us closer to the Lord as we rely on Him more. Through out church history you can see that poverty plus persecution often resulted in a powerful church, as the church relied on the Lord. If you're going through a trail, remain faithful to the Lord, and allow Him to work through you in it, and you will be rewarded in heaven and in knowing the Lord in a deeper way.
Wed, Oct 23, 2019
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Pastor Rod teaches in 2 Kings 8. (Our apologies, but video is not available and the end of the closing prayer did not fully record.)