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Nursery 0-24 months 3-4 year old K-1 grade 2nd-3rd grade 4th-5th grade
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We take the responsibility to minister God's Word to children seriously and desire that all who serve in Children's Church do also. Therefore we want to get to know you so the following questions are purposefully in depth and blunt.

Please briefly state your beliefs on the following (this is not a test of your Bible knowledge), but we need to know what you believe regarding some key and sometimes controversial doctrines.

What is the significance of :

We do ask for you to make a 3 or 6 month commitment to serve. This is not to say should an emergency or life changing event happen, you would be frowned upon for leaving, but for the solidity of this ministry, we ask that you pray and see what you can commit to.


Thank you for your understanding and time. We also appreciate your desire to draw closer to the Lord through this ministry.

I have prayed and feel the Lord is leading me to make a 3 month commitment. i have prayed and feel the Lord is leading me to make a 6 month commitment