As a small group leader or host, we know you want and need to be equipped to do the work God is calling you to do. We hope the following links and downloads will help you. You are welcome to view, download, and print anything that is posted on this page.

Training Material

Crazy Love Leaders Guide, Chapters 1-10 -9/14/15 download

Group Leader Discussion Skills - 12/28/14 download

Guidelines for a Discipleship Group - 12/28/14 download

Tips for Hosting Your Small Group - 12/28/14 download

Small Group Dynamics - 12/28/14 download

Small Group Case Study - 1/2/15 download 

Revitalizing Your Small Group with Discipleship - 1/2/15 download

True Community - 1/2/15  download

Small Group Assistant Leaders - 1/2/15  download


Suggested Reading (For Leaders & Hosts)

Living Water by Chuck Smith

Improving Your Serve by Charles Swindoll

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

The Invested Life: Making Disciples of All Nations One Person at a Time by Joel C. Rosenburg

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups by Bill Donahue