All about Jesus

K-Group Leader 

When we talk to people about leading a Koinonia Group, most of them think that they have to be a Bible teacher in order to lead a group. While it is great if you have that gift, it is not required to lead one of our small groups. We are also looking for people who can facilitate a bible study, DVD series, or take a team of people and serve into the community. If you want to live life with a group of people that have a common interest then pray about becoming a K-Group leader! 

K-Group Host 

Hosts are an important part of our leadership team within the Koininia Small Groups Ministry. If you enjoy having people in your home and would be willing to invite a group to meet there, please let us know. A host usually serves light snacks, drinks, and provides a comfortable, quiet environment for a group to meet. Usually the groups have 8 -15 people attending. 

If you love the Lord and have the gift(s) of teaching, shepherding, or hospitality, K-Groups leadership may be a great fit for you!