pastor rod & noreen


Raised in a Christian home in Southern California with five siblings, Pastor Rod attended church throughout his upbringing. After some time away from God through college and flirting with a professional surfing career he recommitted himself to God then met and married his wife Noreen in 1990. After traveling on the World Surfing Tour for a time and working in the surf industry then later as a School Teacher, he was asked to serve as a Youth Minister and Assistant Pastor.

In the fall of 1995, Rod and Noreen Carver began praying about where the Lord might lead them. By December of 1995 possibilities had narrowed and their prayers began to focus on Corpus Christi. Why Corpus Christi? As a college student when Rod struggled with his faith, he became involved with drugs and the surfing culture of the times. God’s pull on his life never let up. Rod rededicated his life to the Lord at a surf contest on North Padre Island. Eight years had passed without a thought of returning but when push came to shove, God wanted Rod and Noreen in Corpus Christi. A visit in the summer of 1996 confirmed that God would move them to South Texas. 

In October of 1997 Rod, Noreen and their two daughters moved to Texas to begin "Coastlands Bible Study". By January 1998, Calvary Chapel Coastlands started meeting as an incorporated church. In December 2004 Calvary Chapel Coastlands moved to the current location on Rodd Field Road and Saratoga. 

God has bless Calvary Chapel Coastlands with the responsibility of hosting a Bible teaching radios station. Pastor Rod managed KSGR, 91.1 FM until 2002 when he was able to become a full-time Pastor. We currently house the radio station, a bookstore, and coffee shop on our campus. It continues to provide solid local and national Bible teaching to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Pastor Rod remains active in governmental issues and interacts with likeminded pastors locally and nationally. Through various events, Coastlands gained a heart for the court and prison systems, spending time and resources to minister in both realms to see God bring health and healing. This as well as a heart for international missions has given Coastlands a heart for the unreached.

In 2019, Pastor Rod completed his Doctoral Degree in Theology. He has a passion for education and equipping the Saints for works of service. Coastlands assists the local home school communities in their goals as well as encouraging going deeper with those desiring to take the next step.

Through his 30+ years in Ministry Leadership, Pastor Rod has developed a heart for the local church. His goal is no longer to have a big church, but rather, regardless of the size of the church, make it a good church in God's eyes. He loves the small and medium size churches and mentors many younger pastors around Texas, and those on the mission field.

Rod and Noreen continue to live and serve in Corpus Christi, always looking forward to the next step the Lord calls them to. Their two adult daughters serve the Lord in various capacities around the country and world as the Spirit leads.

NOREEN CARVER was raised in Southern California. From the outside, it looked as though she had an idyllic upbringing; popular and active, but not raised in church. Behind the scenes, it was not as simple as it looked. Noreen's parents separated when she was young, which caused her to raise herself in many ways. She got involved in the party scene young and lived a lifestyle that was leading to personal destruction. In 1986 at age 22, after experiencing personal loss and growing disillusion with her lifestyle, she got saved through the preaching of Greg Laurie at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Rod and Noreen grew up in the same town, but attended different schools. Their common friends introduced them at a Chuck Smith Bible Study in 1988. They were wed in 1990, both desiring to serve the Lord full-time. United in this vision, they moved to Corpus Christi in 1997 to seek the Lord's will which eventually led to the planting of Calvary Chapel Coastlands in 1998.

Noreen has always had a heart for Women's and Children's Ministries and continues to serve in these areas. A passionate mom to two adult girls who serve the Lord, Noreen counsels with many women, sharing the wisdom she has gained along the way.