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Bible Study

Calvary Chapels are known for their expository, verse by verse Bible studies. This gives us a well-rounded understanding of God's Word. The Bible teaches us how to know God, how to marvel at His grace and how to respond appropriately to His love toward us. Calvary Chapel's vision is to equip the saints with sound Bible teaching. Bring your Bible and a pen!


The first thing you will notice is the casual atmosphere. This is not some marketing scheme to get people to come to church; this is merely the style of the Calvary Chapel movement's roots in the late 60's and early 70's. We do not consider our church as a "seeker-sensitive" or part of the "Emerging church" movements. People are free to dress formal or casual; style of dress is not an issue with God (except that it should be modest). At Calvary you will find a group of people who desire to share the love of God to you that they themselves have experienced.


Most Calvary Chapels utilize a form of contemporary worship (such as the praise music made popular by Maranatha! Music and by Asaph Records-which both originated at Calvary Chapel). But there is actually a great variety of styles of music found in our churches. Some are very traditional and conservative, with organs or pianos and hymns, while others prefer electric guitars and drums. There is no set style of worship which makes a Calvary Chapel unique. Our desire is that whatever the style of worship, it comes from our hearts. The music at Calvary Chapel Coastlands reflects the style of worship which is consistent with the average age of the congregation. Most songs find their roots directly out of scripture, many quote scripture directly.

Nursery and Moms Room

Welcome to the Nursery and Moms Room at Calvary Chapel Coastlands. Our prayer and desire is that every baby/child that comes in will feel loved and safe. 

The nursery accepts babies from 2 months to 2yrs. We have plenty of learning toys, bible story books, and definitely loving arms. During your baby’s stay we play worship music, interact with them, and most importantly we pray over them by name and for their families. Our Moms Room is available across from our nursery for your privacy with the ability to continue watching the service. We look forward to loving on your babies! 


We emphasize teaching the word of God to the children and junior high students as well as adults. We value the opportunity to plant the Word of God in the fertile hearts of our children and junior high students while parents receive instruction on an adult level without distraction. We encourage young children and junior high students to attend Children's Church or Junior High Church during services.


We strive to remain simple in our organization. Yes, we do have events and special gatherings, but we will always keep the main thing - the main thing. Ephesians 4:11-12 reveals that the church is a place to equip the saints for works of ministry; that is our desire.


Use this website to find out much more about us. Click on Watch Live tab above on Wednesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 10am to watch our services as they are in service. Click on Ministries tab to see what kind of Ministries we offer like Koinonia Fellowships where you can find out all about our home groups and see how you can join. Click on the Teachings tab to watch archived messages from our Pastor Rod Carver or find out about our radio station by clicking on KSGR radio tab. Our Events tab will keep you up to date on upcoming Events and you can merge our calendar with yours so you won't miss a thing. Click on the About Us tab to find out more about our Pastor, What We Believe or how the Calvary Chapel Churches got started. If you live near Corpus Christi you may listen daily on KSGR 91.1 FM to Pastor Rod's radio program, "Shelter from the Storm", 6:30am and 4pm Monday thru Friday. We have Christian Foundations and Calvary Chapel Distinctives classes periodically throughout the year and we encourage attendance in our men's or women's, High School, young adult and other Bible studies as well. If you have any questions about our fellowship or have other questions, please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us tab above to send us a message, ask a question or get directions.