Children's Ministry

The mission of our Children's Ministry is to partner with parents to make disciples of their children through the Word of God. Jesus holds children very close to His heart, and we at Calvary Chapel of the Coastlands want to do so as well. God’s Word is our highest priority, we have designed the Children’s Ministry in such a way that kids can learn at their own level and pace. It's a biblical adventure for kids from birth to 5th grade! Our Children's Ministry provides teachers who emphasize love, are passionate about making disciples, and teach from an age-appropriate and Bible-based curriculum. Our prayer is that our classes provide a place where parents know that their child is secure while growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ. All teachers and volunteers are background-checked, trained, and evaluated so that we can provide the safest and most enjoyable environment for your child. We offer Children's Ministries during our 10:30 am Sunday morning service  as well as during the 7:00 pm Wednesday evening service. We look forward to serving you and your children very soon! 


For more information about joining our Children's Ministry team simply click on the "Volunteer" link below.

Nursery (0-2 yrs)

In our church nursery, we care for your children from ages 0 – 2 years old. There is no minimum age. We have an experienced group of volunteers available to care for your infant/toddler during all of our church services. Sign in time begins 15 minutes prior to the service and we ask parents to return to pick up their child promptly after service. We will give you a card with a number. We will use that number to page you during the service should we need you for any reason. We will give your child cups and bottles in the nursery but we do not give food as to prevent any issues with allergies and choking. We will change diapers as needed unless the parent/guardian prefers to be paged. 

Pre-School (3-4 yrs)

As your child begins his or her journey towards a relationship with God we want to create an environment that is fun, interactive, and educational. Our 3-4 year olds are introduced to stories from Scripture, along with crafts and activities that help reinforce the lesson. To ensure a fruitful experience for the children, we make sure that optimal child-to-volunteer ratios are maintained. We also consider your child’s safety a top priority and have security procedures in place that permit only the person who checks the child in to check him or her out. We hope your child will enjoy his or her time as they take their first steps toward Jesus with us. Your child does need to be potty trained to attend this class as our teachers and facilities are not equipped to change diapers. Pre-school ministry times are 10:30am Sundays and 7pm Wednesdays.

Children's Church (K-5th grade) 

We offer Children's Church during our 10:30 am Sunday morning service as well as classes for your children during the 7:00 pm Wednesday evening service. Children will be taught age appropriate Bible based lessons using a standardized and pre-approved curriculum. Children will have a time of worship followed by an age appropriate lesson which may include a coloring page and a simple craft. There may also be some free time to play and interact with the other children in our secure outdoor playground area. Parents are always welcome to visit any class and participate in all activities. Classes begin signing children in 15 minutes prior to services. Please pick up your child promptly after service.

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We take the responsibility to minister God's Word to children seriously and desire that all who serve in Children's Church do also. Therefore we want to get to know you so the following questions are purposefully in depth and blunt.

Please briefly state how you came to faith in Jesus Christ? *
How would you say your walk with the Lord (i.e. Bible study, prayer time)has been over the last month? *
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Please briefly state your beliefs on the following (this is not a test of your Bible knowledge), but we need to know what you believe regarding some key and sometimes controversial doctrines.

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We do ask for you to make a 3 or 6 month commitment to serve. This is not to say should an emergency or life changing event happen, you would be frowned upon for leaving, but for the solidity of this ministry, we ask that you pray and see what you can commit to.


Thank you for your understanding and time. We also appreciate your desire to draw closer to the Lord through this ministry.

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