men's ministry

men's ministry

The Men's Ministry is focused on developing leaders with a passion for the things of God. Our desire is to develop godly men as husbands, spiritual leaders in the home, leaders in the work place, and in the church. We do this through studying and discussing the Bible, along with prayer and a spiritual accountability with other godly men. It's our desire to provide each man with an environment in which he can grow in his walk with the Lord, and learn to be the faithful servant God has called him to be. Check below and on our events page to see ministries we men or involved in and come join us. We would like to get to know you!


1ST AND 2ND TIMOTHY, TITUS AND PHILEMON MEN'S BIBLE STUDY WILL BE STARTING JUNE 8TH, Tuesdays, 7-9pm AT THE CHURCH (Limited zoom availability) Read all details below and then click the blue click here below: 



All men are welcome to join us for this study and if you register for the study we want you to sign up to join us for a free KICK-OFF BREAKFAST JUNE 5TH 0900-1100. 

Cost of the commentary book is $15 and includes all 4 books we will study. Your early signup helps us organize these events for you.  Online sign up is easiest and best for us but you can also sign up at info booth at church, talk to your former zoom leader, contact Rodney or Fab or call the church office at 361-814-7771. On the online sign up is a place to indicate if you want in person or zoom, and a place to tell us if you will be at the breakfast. CLICK SUBMIT ON SIGNUP WHEN FINISHED.

Click the GIVING TAB above to pay for your book online. (Select Men's Ministry on the dropdown, in note section write BOOK and $15.00 in amount sections when paying online) You will get an email receipt to show when you pick up your book at breakfast or the study.(paying ahead for book helps us reorder books if needed) 

Please join us for our Men's Bible Study of 1st and 2nd Timothy, Titus and Philemon. Click the Blue words above to register today!


 Please read these short introductions to the books will will study.

First Timothy is one of three pastoral letters (including 2 Timothy and Titus) that the aging apostle Paul sent to those who would continue his work. Timothy was, in every way, Paul's spiritual son. Young but gifted, Timothy had been assigned to lead the church at Ephesus-a church needing order in worship as well as doctrinal correction, plagued as it was by false teachers. Paul's letter, likely written about a.d. 62-66, counseled the young man on matters of church leadership-from proper worship, to qualifications for overseers (elders) and deacons, to advice on confronting false teaching and how to treat various individuals within a congregation. Paul charged Timothy to live a life beyond reproach, giving believers a standard to emulate.

Paul wrote this letter as he awaited execution. Despite all that Paul was facing-death, the end of his ministry, abandonment by most of his friends for fear of persecution-he faithfully directed his spiritual son Timothy to the hope that is in Christ. As he exhorted Timothy to boldness, endurance, and faithfulness in the face of false teaching, Paul showed his customary concern for sound doctrine. Scripture, said Paul, is "breathed out by God" and is sufficient in all things pertaining to the faith and practice of Christians (3:16-17). Older believers, therefore, should be eager to pass on their knowledge of Scripture to those who are younger in the faith (2:2). Paul probably wrote from Rome, a.d. 67 or 68.


This pastoral letter from Paul to Titus was intended to offer encouragement and wisdom as Titus endured ongoing opposition from the ungodly and from legalists within his congregations. Paul instructed Titus to complete his assigned job of establishing overseers (elders) for the churches under his care. He described what sort of people these leaders should be, and how all believers should live in relation to each other as well as in their interactions with nonbelievers. Proper Christian behavior is based on the fact that "the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people," and therefore those who believe in Christ are to "live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives" as they await his return (2:11-13). Paul probably wrote this letter in the 60s a.d.

Philemon is about reconciliation and relationships between Christians. Onesimus (which means "useful") was a slave of a believer named Philemon in Colossae. Apparently Onesimus had stolen from Philemon and fled. At some time while Paul was under arrest, Onesimus met him and became a Christian. Paul apparently wrote this letter at the same time as Colossians and gave it to Onesimus to carry back to Philemon (see Col. 4:9). Paul appealed to Philemon to accept Onesimus back into his household, but as a brother in the Lord rather than a slave. In Paul's estimation, Onesimus was far more "useful" (v. 11) now that he was a Christian. Paul even promised to pay whatever debt Onesimus might owe Philemon..


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This Group is meeting Saturday mornings at 9am and is using the DVD Series with workbook. Our host on the DVD series is Dr. Ted Roberts, a former US Marine fighter pilot and Senior Pastor of East Hill Church in Oregon and founder of Pure Desire Ministries International. This ministry is devoted to healing sexual addicts and their spouses with a 90% success rate. A former sex addict himself, Dr. Roberts knows what it takes to conquer hell at close range. He has over thirty years of counseling experience helping men get free from sexual addiction and helping husbands and wives restore their marriages. Dr. Ted Roberts states "I have been called to speak to the men of this generation and the next with a prophetic voice, calling them to walk in sexual integrity, with a strong passion for their divine destiny, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, challenging men to real manhood, not to remain in their present day spiritual passivity. Calling men to become hell's worst nightmare. Calling men to Conquer!"  Please see Fab for more details.